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Saint of the Month

Saint Martin of Tours converted to Christianity at 18. He was ordained and lived as monk, preaching throughout the countryside and winning converts to the faith. He was made Bishop by the people and lived in a hermit’s cell. He is known for his good works and wondrous deeds. He is usually depicted handing his cloak to a poor man who was later revealed to him in a vision as Christ. He is the patron of soldiers, horsemen, innkeepers and more.

Symbols of Our Faith

Nimbus is the Latin word for cloud. It refers to the halo of light behind the head of a figure in a painting or statute and indicates holy or sacred figures. Mary is often portrayed with a ring of stars around her head and the saints and martyrs have a disk-shaped nimbus.

Prayer of the Month

Lord God, you call us to practice peace in our daily lives. Increase our sense of responsibility for one another and open our hearts and hands to work for peace for people everywhere. Help us to more fully live the commandment to love you and love our neighbour that others may encounter Jesus and know him as a loving presence. Amen.

Share Goodness

Teach and practice conflict resolution skills with children as a way to promote peace. This includes teaching understanding, empathy, responsibility, communication, and choice.